Why give

There is nothing more pure than a delighted child’s face on Christmas Day. But at Christmas many families struggling to find the money to put gifts under the tree.

This year we aim to provide over 1000 gifts for boys and girls (aged up to 16) who might otherwise miss out on a Christmas gift. As we find ourselves still impacted by COVID-19 in 2021, we have decided to replace physical gifts with digital vouchers. This ensures we maintain the personal touch of giving Christmas gifts while limiting to risk of COVID-19 exposure for our families, volunteers and staff.

See FAQ for more information.

Other ways to give

Purchase a hamper online and we will provide a family with digital gift card to purchase food items for a family feast.

Alternatively, a tax-deductible donation can help us to continue to provide our life-changing services to many more families in 2022.

Give today.