Employment Assistance Program

About this program

Address issues impacting on individuals or their families with the purpose of supporting their attendance and functioning in the workplace.

Key features:

  • Confidential counselling up to 5 sessions
  • Management support. 

Who it’s for

Organisations that want to decrease industrial relations risk and increase the functioning of its workforce. 


Dependent on requirements.

How to access this program

To access this service or to find out more, contact the manager of our Family Health & Wellbeing service.

Enquire below or phone our main switch.

eg. 04xxxxxxxx or 03xxxxxxxx

How we help

(After the Healthy Women Healthy Relationships course) I am on the lookout now - next time I am in a relationship, I will be able to recognise the signs of domestic violence and I won’t let myself get stuck in that sort of position again.

Program Participant - Melbourne