Posted on: 01/05/2019

How does the NDIS support carers?

The NDIS has bought many changes to the lives of both carers and people with disability.

Carers now access supports in a very different way. Under the NDIS the supports that carers use must also assist NDIS participants to meet their individual NDIS goals.

“You are still able to access carer supports, it’s just that we need to make sure we get the goals in the NDIS plan right, in order to make sure you receive exactly what you need,” says Adriana Radoc, Support Coordinator, Windermere Child & Family Services.

Essentially, this means that as a carer you need to ask for supports in a different way. Under the previous system you were able to use core funding to have a break by booking short term or emergency respite care. Under the NDIS, respite is referred to as short term accommodation, and you access it when it aligns with NDIS goals.

For example, an NDIS participant might be allocated funds to access short term accommodation as a reasonable and necessary support for their goal of “I want to maintain my current family unit.”

The rollout of the NDIS has meant a steep learning curve for both those receiving NDIS packages, and their carers.

“When you have been used to a core funding model all your life it’s difficult to learn to navigate a new system. In particular some of our older families have struggled with the technology aspects that have come with this,” says Adriana.

“The first step is to make sure you have your NDIS goals right. Recently I came across someone who used to have a $20,000 ISP and was allocated a much more substantial $80,000 NDIS package. Unfortunately as their goals were not right they were struggling to access the right supports;” she says.

“If you feel your plan is not right you can request an unscheduled review, but this is more complex as you have to show that your situation has changed,” says Adriana.

Adriana encourages carers to focus on understanding the process right from the start.

“It would be a good idea to have someone attend the NDIS planning meeting with you, or else make sure you are thoroughly informed,” she says.

If you want to use a Non-Registered NDIS service provider that you know and trust it is important to choose the appropriate NDIS plan management method. If you choose an NDIS Managed Plan you will only be able to use funding for Registered NDIS Providers.

“We want our consumers and their carers to feel comfortable that they can sit down with us and we can work things out in a way that is best for them,” says Adriana.

“At Windermere we are able to draw on a diverse range of internal expertise to complement our NDIS Support Coordination services so we can find answers to many concerns and issues,” says Adriana.

Windermere is a registered service provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). To find out more talk to the team on 1300 946 337, mail or go to: Our NDIS services.