For over 40 years Zagame's have been providing families with opportunities to celebrate togetherness. Zagame's and Windermere share a very strong commitment to families which is why we have such a great partnership.

In 1971 when Victor Zagame opened his first restaurant he simply wanted families to have a safe environment to eat quality, affordable food and enjoy being together.

While the organisation has grown significantly over the years, their commitment to families and the communities in which Zagame's operate, hasn't.

"As a family owned business, it was important for us at Zagame's to work with a partner that shared our values as well as supporting families within the community.  Very quickly we recognised that Windermere was that organisation.

Since beginning our association we have witnessed the true impact Windermere is having in the community.  Helping those who are dealing with assault, trauma and crisis to bring their lives back on track.

Everyone at Zagame's is very proud to be a supporter of Windermere.  We strongly believe that together, we can make a difference."

Zagame's is Principle sponsor of Bounce of the Ball and also sponsors An Afternoon of Wellness.

Would you like to know more about becoming a Windermere partner?

Please call the Community Partnerships & Marketing Team on the main switch or email

"As a business partner Windermere's expertise is a great asset. Assisting with staff training they have also supported a staff member when in a crisis situation".