Aisha & Leila's story

Aged just 2 and 7, Aisha* and Leila* came to Windermere showing
severe signs of trauma due to living with parents who were dealing
with alcohol and drug addiction. 

Rather than being placed in foster care, their Aunty Nima* offered to
look after them. It was only when the children moved in with her that
Nima began to realise that she too had grown to accept family violence as part of her life. The violence that had previously been directed at her now began to include the children. With no access to funds, Nima and the two girls had to escape the family home.

Fortunately, Windermere was able to provide Nima, Aisha and Leila
with a Family Violence Support Package, which enabled them to
relocate to safe accommodation. For the very first time the children
had access to a GP, dentist and much needed glasses.

Now resettled, Nima adores both the girls and says: 

“I can’t believe how far they’ve come. They feel so much better and so happy. I never thought that we could live like this”.

*names have been changed for privacy reasons

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Resilience for Life has been nothing short of wonderful for me, and enormously empowering. I am feeling so much more optimistic and confident in myself, my driving and taking care of my husband.

Prue, Program Participant - Melbourne

The amazing opportunity I got coming into the Windermere house and the 100% that I put into the program, has given me and my son a roof over our head and a second chance at a normal life.

Resident, Mums & Bubs Program - Melbourne

I understand that every child is individual with different strengths and different ways of learning, By recognising and understanding each child and what it is that they love and how best they learn, I can provide them with the best experiences that help them to reach their full potential in all developmental areas. I love doing it.

Sandra, Windermere Early Childhood Educator - Melbourne