Student Placement - Windermere

Student placements with an organisation truly making a difference

Windermere is a learning focused organisation. We recognise the value of tertiary students being given the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. We offer placements to students who need to gain field experience related to their area of study. 

Our practical placements help prepare students for the workforce by providing:

  • Valuable learning opportunities within various areas of Windermere.
  • The opportunity to reflect on theory and apply it in a practical, real-life setting.
  • Support from our Student Unit Officer.
  • Access to experienced staff who are willing to share their knowledge and wisdom.

We give our students comprehensive induction, orientation and supervision in a safe working environment.

Due to the highly complex nature of our work, Windermere will only take students from tertiary institutions we have formal partnerships with. We ask that students do not contact us directly, but facilitate this through their Field Education Coordinator / Placement Officer at their respective institution.