You can help families in crisis live with dignity this Christmas


Every year we work with over 26,000 people who rely on your support to live a life of safety and dignity.


Maya, age 7, witnessed her father’s terrifying assault on her mum Asha.
All she wants is for her mum and her five siblings to be safe from harm this Christmas.


Riley, age 8, has severe autism and faces abuse and neglect due to her mum’s substance use.
She and her sister Amy, age 3 rely on their dad Luke, who has a brain injury
and experiences memory loss. He tries but struggles to care for them.


Thankfully, generous support like yours has meant violence,
neglect and homelessness are no longer their only choices.


Their stories are among countless others we hear every day.


Your donation means life saving supports for:


Families who are struggling to obtain everyday essentials and are on the brink of homelessness.

Those trapped by financial and other pressures in neglectful, abusive and violent relationships.

People living with disabilities who are isolated and vulnerable.

Help us give children like Maya and Riley a happy and safe family life.


$100 can provide basic, everyday
essentials to a vulnerable family.

$500 can help marginalised youth
gain access to community activities.

$1,000 can allow traumatised children
to receive critical specialist support

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