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Healthy Women Healthy Relationships

Available Now
What: A 7 week program that assists women to identify and understand the dynamics and impact of family violence and understand the meaning of healthy relationships.
Who: Women who have experienced a family violence situation
Where: Online
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Early Childhood Development - Consultation & Professional Development

Coming Soon
What: Interactive program to help those working with children and youth who may be demonstrating delays or difficulties with speech, language and social skills.
Who: Educators and teachers, club and community members, health workers and nurses, managers and front-line service staff
Where: In your workplace or community setting or at our offices
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Mighty Munchers Berwick

Available Now
What: An feeding group aiming to promote food exposure and assist with picky eating
Who: Parents or carers with children 5-8yrs
Where: Windermere Berwick Office, 26 Parkhill Drive Berwick
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