Referring to Windermere’s NDIS services

Accessing support and assistance for NDIS participants

Windermere is a community based organisation based across South Eastern Melbourne and Gippsland regions. Our team deliver a number of NDIS services for eligible individuals, children and families including:

  • Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination
  • Speech Pathology
  • Psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Early Childhood Intervention/Keyworker
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Behaviour Management

Are you an NDIS participant struggling with the administration and paperwork that comes with having an NDIS plan? We also offer Plan Management services designed to make administering your NDIS plan easier.

To read about all of our NDIS services, click here.

Refer using the form below.

What is the referral process for NDIS services?

Referring someone you are working with, or an NDIS participant to Windermere is quick and easy. Simply complete the form below to get your referral underway.

What are the key stages of the referral process?

There are five stages in the referral process:

  1. Complete the form below, include as much information as possible around their needs, goals and current situation.

  2. Once you submit the form, our NDIS team will be notified of your referral.

  3. You should also receive an email confirming your referral details.

  4. We will review the referral information and either contact yourself or the person you are referring directly, depending on the information you have provided.

  5. If we can provide service immediately, we will arrange for the appropriate paperwork to be completed and service delivery can commence.

How long does a referral take?

The above process should take no longer than 48 hours (two business days); this may vary depending on complexity of the referral, the situation or the person or family you are referring.

Why is it important to refer?

Providing a written referral directly to Windermere can help ensure the family or person you are working with has access to the right support in a timely way. Make sure you include as much background and detail as possible so we can better understand what they need to be best supported.

**Windermere is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people** For more information, see our Protecting Children Policy here.

Refer using the form below

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