Posted on: 12/05/2020

Cameron's story 

Cameron loves music, socialising and meeting people. The 21 year old also adores soccer and is a dedicated supporter of Melbourne City Football Club.

Cameron has many complex needs and has been using Windermere’s NDIS Plan Management services since 2018.  The plan management ensures that Cameron’s 21 service providers are all paid correctly and on time.

“It was such hard work just trying to coordinate Cameron’s NDIS plan. To work out the financial side of things as well would just have been impossible for us,” says Jenine, Cameron’s mother.

The Plan Management service includes processing payments, doing budgets, developing regular statements as well as making sure all Cameron’s service providers, which include five personal carers (all sole traders), are paid correctly.

“It’s just such a relief to have someone we can trust manage Cameron’s plan. It means we have time to spend with the family.  We also have faith we can employ our service providers as the system really works with Windermere and all of Cameron’s providers get paid,” says Jenine.

The family recommend plan management to others who are in similar positions. “If you are time poor or don’t want to manage budgets then plan management is fantastic,” says Jenine.

“We are very fortunate to have Alanka, (Windermere Plan Manager) on board. She does an excellent job with managing Cameron’s individual funds and answering our questions. Nothing is any trouble for her and without being able to contact her, we would be in a mess,” says Jenine. 


How an NDIS plan manager can help you 

An NDIS Plan Manager, also known as a Financial Intermediary, helps to take the stress out of managing the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

They will:

  • organise payments to your NDIS providers
  • help you keep track of your NDIS funds and spending
  • take care of your NDIS financial reporting requirements.

“Good plan managers can really make a difference to people who are juggling many NDIS services as they ensure your providers are paid correctly and on time,” says Emmanuel Bour, NDIS Manager at Windermere.

You can request funds for Plan Management services to be included when finalising your NDIS plan with the NDIA. To use Windermere’s Plan Management (Financial Intermediary) services you simply use the funding allocated for this in your Plan.

More information

Windermere are registered with NDIA to provide all of your Plan Management needs.  Our plan management services continue to operate as normal during COVID-19.

Contact our team for more information.

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