Harmony Day 2016

On Australian Harmony Day, school students from the Cardinia area representing many faiths including Catholic, Christian, Islamic, together with special needs, government and non-denominational  independent schools under our Building Harmony Project were all brought together to foster healthy relationships and help build united communities through activities, play and talking.

"I learnt that there are so many different people out there". 

With everyone wearing the orange Harmony Day ribbon students took part in teamwork challenges, as well as having the opportunity to mingle, kick balls and play four square.

Rachel Clarke, Windermere's Building Harmony Project Officer said, 'The beauty of this program, which engages students in a range of activities, is its simplicity.  By coming together, they drop any preconceived ideas they may have held and realise just how much they have in common.'

'I learnt about the Muslim faith from Minaret, they were really interesting to talk to, about how they believe in God and things like that.'

This project is generously funded through the Sunshine and Crocodiles Foundation for which we are truly grateful.

Contact Windermere for more information about our Building Harmony program for schools on 1300 946 337.

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