Posted on: 24/03/2020

Meet Christine

Early Intervention and Therapy Services, Senior Speech Pathologist

“I love working closely with families and creating really meaningful professional relationships. I enjoy helping children achieve little and big goals. Other people might take normal daily tasks for granted, but for the families we work with, these small achievements can be life changing.”

Christine has a decade’s worth of experience as a speech pathologist, working in early intervention, private practice and within schools.

She spends a lot of time travelling to visit families in their homes, educational contexts (such as

learning centres, kindergartens or schools), or in a child’s most meaningful community setting, such

as their local park or grandparents’ house. Sometimes, families will also visit her in her office.

“I really love helping to capacity-build with families. That is, empowering and upskilling carers to be the primary intervention provider for their child;” she says.

Windermere assigns each family their own early childhood intervention professional. This Key Worker acts as the central point of contact.  As a Key Worker Christine provides individualised support to the family, and can refer to her team for additional expertise and strategies.

“This way, families deal with one person of support. For example, I might liaise with our team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech pathologists and educators to provide individualised support for families to develop the skills their child needs to participate in everyday life,” she says.

Christine sees her role as helping families to support their children with a range of conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, genetic disorders, complex conditions or developmental delays.

“A child might be having difficulties with communication, mobility, fine or gross motor, behavioural concerns or difficulties accessing the community, for example, participating in the early learning environment. I would support them with daily living skills, socialising, playing with their peers and participating in the classroom. It’s the small things that we might take for granted, that they might require support with.”

In addition to being rewarded through her work, Christine loves working with the Windermere team.

“Another beautiful thing about working here is the early intervention and therapy services team are absolutely fabulous. We have a big team that is very supportive of each other.”

For their last team building day, Christine enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her peers through

a workshop, lunch and team building games. They set goals and shared their aspirations and dreams.

“The people at Windermere are very knowledgeable and experienced. When families have questions, they are always very generous with their time. We go above and beyond to support families. Family wellbeing is priority number one! We’re all committed and work with integrity, and that is very transparent here.”

One of her most recent rewarding experiences was working with a five year old who had never

communicated with words before. After trialling a high-technology communication device, the child is now able to use his device to communicate independently with his family and friends.

“He was able to learn to use his device to communicate independently. It was so empowering for him and it was such an uplifting way to start my career at Windermere!”

Christine is looking forward to coaching and mentoring speech pathology students, supporting the

team, and continuing to learn. She also looks forward to a long-term career with

Windermere, building relationships with families, and being a person of support in the local area.

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