Royal Commissions underway to improve physical & mental wellbeing

Posted on: 14/10/2016

Royal Commissions underway to improve physical & mental wellbeing

Over the past few months the government has announced the establishment of two separate and distinctive Royal Commissions to improve quality of life for all Victorians, including those living with disability and their families.

Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

Did you know that nearly half of all Victorians will experience a mental illness in their lifetime?

The Honourable Daniel Andrews, MP, believes Victorians don’t have the best mental health support system and that it is time for change so we can start to reverse these trends.

Since the NDIS began, many people have asked why it doesn’t cover mental health supports. We know that many people living with disability or caring for someone living with disability or a developmental delay can feel lonely and socially isolated at times. We also know that many are concerned about a lack of employment opportunities which can create not only financial difficulties but a lack of self-worth. All these factors can impact mental health.

The Royal Commission into our mental health system aims to guide and aid design of a future mental health system based on outcomes all Victorians want and need. It will provide an opportunity for wider community conversation about mental health and ending stigma and discrimination.

Read some of the submissions made by individuals and organisations to the Royal Commission here, including our joint submission with Cardinia Shire (and others) here.

Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

In April this year, The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability was announced, with more than 3700 individuals, families, carers and relevant peak bodies consulting with government.

The commission aims to capture the voice of all of those who have been ignored for decades; people like yourselves, your families and like us who have worked closely with you over the last 20 years. It will be the start of significant changes that are needed to stop the frequent and considerable discrimination, segregation and violence that has been occurring over many decades.

Windermere Early Intervention and Disability Services Manager, Emmanuel Bour, made a contribution to the Royal Commission based on our experience and work with individuals and families across the many years we have been delivering disability services to you.

We will keep you updated on findings and news related to the Royal Commissions as we learn more.

** If you are currently experiencing any form of violence or abuse, you can contact our team on 1300 946 337, if you are concerned for yours or someone else’s immediate safety, call 000.**

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