Dry Nites Incontinence Program

Service Purpose

Does your child need support to stop wetting the bed? Dry Nites provides assistance to children to overcome the challenges of bed wetting and supports to families to help them manage.

Our Dry Nites program utilises a Bell and Pad for the bed, parental monitoring and positive reinforcements such as reward charts and praise to support your child in becoming dry at night.

A consultation with a psychologist will help identify your concerns and provide practical strategies to support continence with the use of equipment and behavioural reinforcement.

Who it's for

Children trying to overcome the challenges of bed wetting and who:

  • Are five years and older and are toilet trained during the day.
  • Have explored and had medical reasons for night time bedwetting ruled out by a GP or specialist.
  • Wets every night or wets less often but the encouragement method hasn’t worked.


Consultation and equipment costs can be rebated under the Federal Government Medicare scheme or through NDIS funding.

Please contact one of our team to discuss consultation fees.

Enquire below or  phone 1300 946 337 to speak to one of our team.

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