Support Coordination

At times it can be difficult finding and coordinating the support that best suit your needs. Our experienced team will work with you to navigate the NDIS, identify your goals and connect and coordinate with services that will help you reach those goals.

Together, with you, your family and your community we assist you to better understand and manage your NDIS plan, funding, coordinate service provider bookings and help you access the most appropriate community supports to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Support coordination can help you to build life long networks, skills and connections to help you become - and remain - independent. It is particularly useful during periods of transition in your life - such as starting school, university or work or moving to a new home or area.

We will support you, your family and your community in:

  • Managing your funding
  • Coordinating your service provider bookings
  • Accessing the community supports that you need and want
  • Connect with appropriate supports and community networks
  • Developing practical skills such as budgeting and life planning
  • Supporting you to avoid and resolve crises

Specialist Support Coordination

We also provide specialist support coordination for those with very complex needs and situations where there may be high level risks.

This support uses a specialist framework to help with reducing complexity and breaking down barriers to accessing support.

Who it's for

People living with disability, mental health or who simply need extra help due to age, illness or injury. 


Standard Support Coordination consultation - $96.04 per hour

Specialist Support Coordination consultation - $182.74 per hour

Other charges may apply including travel time.

You may be able to reduce these costs through specific funding, such as NDIS. Find out more about your Funding Options.

Enquire below or phone 1300 WINDERMERE (1300 946 337) to speak to one of the Disability Intake team.

eg. 04xxxxxxxx or 03xxxxxxxx

Confused about NDIS?

If you are unsure what the NDIS is or how you may be impacted, we may have the answers you need!  

Visit our FAQ on the NDIS

Need an interpreter?

If you require an interpreter, we can arrange for one to be provided.


An Afternoon of Wellness was an inspiring event. To hear from people whose lives have been turned around is wonderful. 

Jane, Event Attendee - Melbourne

My (Windermere) counsellor has been one of the most important supports I have had throughout this whole process. She is amazing. I now see things from a completely different perspective.

I am on the lookout now too - next time I am in a relationship, I will be able to recognise the signs of domestic violence and I won’t let myself get stuck in that sort of position again.”

Witness, Royal Commission into Family Violence - Melbourne 

Compliments & Complaints

We like receiving feedback about our services because it helps us improve what we do.

Whether you would like to pay us a compliment or make a complaint we encourage you to tell us what's on your mind.

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