For Children 

We want children to grow up safe and well. Our services are designed to support you, as parents, carers or guardians, to help your children be the best they can be.

Windermere is committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. We embrace a culture where children and young people are empowered to have a voice.

Services For Children

Communities for Children

A range of programs and initiatives to support the wellbeing and development of families in Cranbourne.

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Early Childhood Early Intervention/Key Worker

Our specialist Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Key Worker team support young children, aged 0-6 years of age, who have a disability or developmental delay to reach their full potential. Utilising the Key Worker model, we provide a range of therapy and supports which will best assist your child’s wellbeing and development.

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Plan Management

Under NDIS Plan Management, your Plan Manager will help take the stress out of managing your finances and the day to day administration of your NDIS plan. Your NDIS Plan Manager provides you with support and security and is also known as a Financial Intermediary.

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Kids on Track

A schools program to help children understand anti-social behaviour and make better choices.

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Building Harmony

Bringing students of diverse faiths together to work on embracing cultural diversity.

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Placement Prevention Counselling

Support for children and young people at risk of harm or permanent out of home placement.

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Confidential support to help families and individuals manage trauma or difficulties that have arisen following sexual assault or family violence.

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Family Services

Support for families facing issues that are affecting the growth and development of their children and family as a whole.

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Engaging Families

Helping families experiencing family violence plus substance abuse or mental health issues to re-establish themselves and function as a family unit again.

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Dry Nites Incontinence Program

Support for young children with developmental delays or disabilities.

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Our psychologists provide a space for you to think about your child’s emotional and psychological needs. Standardised assessments provide support for you and your child to address the challenges you face.

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Speech Pathology

Our Speech Pathologist’s help to increase your child’s communication and active participation in social, school or childcare settings, working on their language and speech development and can assist with feedng or swallowing difficulties.

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Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with you, your child and your family to help your child with the skills they need to build independence in their day to day activities. We provide advice that meets your goals in a fun and practical way.

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Our Physiotherapists work with you, your child and your family to help them with their gross motor, physical or movement skills.

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Support Coordination

Helping people with disability, mental health issues, age or illness and injury to build resilience and independence.

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Trak Forward

TRAK (Therapeutic Recovery for Adults and Kids) Forward helps parents and children to recover and heal from family violence.

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Group Programs For Children

123 Magic Parenting and Emotion Coaching

What: 3 week program to assist parents manage difficult behaviour in children

Who: Parents with children 2-12yrs

Where: Zoom - Online

A 3 week program to assist parents to manage difficult behaviour in their children by incorporating the use of 1-2-3 Magic techniques. Increase your knowledge about what works in managing difficult behaviour and get better results with less effort and stress.

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Ready, Set, School

What: School readiness group, working on the skills needed for starting school

Who: Children commencing prep in 2021

Where: Zoom - Online

Ready, Set School is a school readiness group for prep 2021 which supports your child to work on the skills needed for starting school. Find out more about this online support group starting in term 4 2020 here.

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Playground and Tabletops

What: 8 week program to enhance and support your child’s gross and fine motor skills.

Who: Children with gross motor challenges aged 4-6 years.

Where: Berwick

Learn how to support your child to develop gross motor skills like climbing, jumping and catching balls!

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Little Rays Supported Playgroup

What: A supported playgroup for children with family interaction

Who: Children aged 0-6 years living in Cardinia, who are eligible for Early Intervention services

Where: Berwick

We provide a developmentally enriched environment for children to play and learn. Activities are designed specifically to accommodate all abilities in a welcoming and supportive environment and Little Rays is a wonderful opportunity to have some play time with your child and chat with other parents.

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ADHD Support Group

What: Share your experiences and find support from other parents who truly understand the struggles of having a child with ADHD

Who: Parents of children living with ADHD currently living, working or schooling in Cranbourne

Where: Cranbourne

Having a child with ADHD can be challenging at times. Our support group provides you with the opportunity to share your experiences, stories and knowledge and be supported by other parents who understand the struggles of life that families and their children may experience.

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Balee Koolin Bubup Bush Playgroup

What: Supported playgroup for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families

Who: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children up to 5yrs living in Cranbourne , with their carers and families

Where: Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

Set within a culturally safe and meaningful early years learning environment where Indigenous Elders, artists and cultural educators come along to share traditional cultural knowledge, stories and language with families in the bush playgroup.

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Boys on the Bounce

What: A 10 week program that strengthens cultural, community and educational engagement

Who: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys in Grades 5 & 6 at Cranbourne primary schools

Where: Cranbourne

A 10 week program that strengthens Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys’ engagement with their culture, community and education.

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Social Butterflies

What: A social skills group for preschoolers

Who: Preschool age children

Where: Berwick

Children attending this program will develop essential social skills in a nurturing and fun environment.

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Fun with Friends

What: A program to help children develop social skills and express emotions.

Who: 6-8 year olds who need help with social interaction

Where: Berwick

A program to help children develop social skills and express emotions.

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Talking Toileting

What: Online workshop to support parents beginning toileting or requiring support with toileting children with developmental delays.

Who: Parents of children commencing or working on toileting

Where: Online

Online workshop to support parents beginning toileting or requiring support with toileting children with developmental delays.

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Need an interpreter?

If you require an interpreter, we can arrange for one to be provided.


(Through Kids on Track) I learnt more about how drugs and alcohol affect our bodies. I don't want to end up the same way as Dad so I can now care for my body and make better decisions than what he did. 

Grade 6 Student, Program Participant - Cranbourne

Compliments & Complaints

We like receiving feedback about our services because it helps us improve what we do.

Whether you would like to pay us a compliment or make a complaint we encourage you to tell us what's on your mind.