Improving more than 20,000 lives every year

Every single day we aim to get in early and make a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities. We find solutions for very complex situations and support the most vulnerable in our community to live the life they dream of.  The stories below feature just a handful of the 20,000 people we help each year and demonstrate resilience, strength, and hope.


Adele* came to Windermere when she was eight months pregnant together with her three other children and her mother. She was in a state of deep distress. Although she had separated from her partner, Corey*, due to ongoing violence and had taken out an intervention order, he still managed to track the family down, break into their house and threatened to kill them repeatedly.

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Jessica & Harley

Growing up was a long hard struggle for Jessica. Her parents, after many troubled years, finally separated when she was 18 but by that time, Jessica’s relationship with them was at breaking point so she packed her bags and left home. The problem was there was nowhere for her to go.

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Katie is a mother of two young children who suffers from severe post natal depression, mental health issues and desperate feelings of isolation.

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Richard & Joshua

Richard's 9 year old son Joshua has severe cerebal palsy and his wife passed away unexpectedly leaving Richard to be Joshua's sole carer. Richard ran his own truck driving business and despite help from family and friends, his respite care options became too scarce, Richard was simply unable to work.

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Abigail & Sally

Sally has a severe physical disability and is unable to speak. Unfortunately Sally’s father wasn’t able to cope with her disabilities and turned to drugs.

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Aisha & Leila

Aged just 2 and 7, Aisha* and Leila* came to Windermere showing severe signs of trauma due to living with parents who were dealing with alcohol and drug addiction.

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The amazing opportunity I got coming into the Windermere house and the 100% that I put into the program, has given me and my son a roof over our head and a second chance at a normal life.

Resident, Mums & Bubs Program - Melbourne

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