Tax Appeal 2019

Will you take a minute and give children like Amy the chance at a safer future?

Amy* was only nine when she became homeless. She was on the run along with her mum Gracie* and two terrified little brothers.

Her mum was trying to keep them safe by fleeing a violent family situation.

Sadly, Amy’s younger brothers were also showing signs of extreme behavioural stress, a common reaction to severe trauma.

Tragically, many young children like Tom and Damien suffer the crippling, long term effects of family violence. These effects can be hugely damaging to children’s health, relationships and education.

Sadly, Amy is one of many young children in our community who need vital support.

No child should go through what Amy did.

You can make an immediate, life changing difference to children like Amy, by making a tax deductible donation by 30 June.

Fortunately Amy and her family were referred to us.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, we were immediately able to move them into safe, temporary accommodation. As well as provide them with vouchers to obtain household necessities and food, after they fled with nothing.

We also provided Amy with the educational essentials needed to start a new school. Additionally, we provided her brothers with immediate, specialist support. .

Amy and her family are building a safer future in stable, long term accommodation. This is the kind of huge difference you make when you donate to us.

“I will never forget how kind the people at Windermere were. I don’t know what we would have done if they hadn’t helped us,” says Amy.

At Windermere we create safer futures for vulnerable children – but we need your help.

Donate here before June 30 and give children like Amy the chance at a safer future.

*Details have been changed to protect privacy

$54 Donation

$54 donation will provide the basic essentials for a child (such as underwear, socks, toothbrush)
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$126 Donation

$126 will provide a child like Amy with educational supplies to start a new school successfully
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$210 Donation

$210 can allow traumatised children, like Tom and Damien, to receive vital specialist support
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