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The aftermath of COVID-19 is only just beginning. 

For many of the women and children we work with staying home these last few months has definitely not made them feel safe. They have been isolated and trapped with their abusers.

Whilst restrictions are slowly easing and many of us are returning to some normality of life, the aftermath of the social isolation COVID-19 imposed is only just beginning. It still poses a real and significant threat to vulnerable families throughout our community - especially those impacted by family violence, like Adele.

We know that enormous emotional and financial pressures and tensions have cause a spike in family violence and now many of these vulnerable families have no safe refuge during a time of unprecedented stress. 

Social distancing is also extremely difficult when you rely on others every day

Many of the people we support, some who have disability or complex needs, are also grappling with mental health issues exacerbated by the aftermath of COVID-19.

The many month of social isolation made them less able to access the vital services we provide and they need daily to get through life.  

We have continued to help those who need us, but the need is far from over. 

Your help can provide a way out for many families right now. 

You have the power to help and make a difference. With June 30 just around the corner, your donation is tax deductible, and the impact will change someone’s life.

Your support is vital so we can continue to help families who need us right now.

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Adele's story

Adele was desperate. Intervention orders could not keep her and her children safe from her physically violent partner and his threats of murder.

Adele had tried to leave a number of times but felt it may be too dangerous for her kids until it became too dangerous to stay.

Too terrified to flee, but in too much danger to stay where she was, Adele came to Windermere heavily pregnant, with her other young children and her mother. 

She was in a state of deep distress.  Although she had separated from her partner, Corey* and had taken out an intervention order, he still managed to track them down, break into the house and threatened to kill them.

Within hours, Adele was provided safe accommodation, medical treatment and food and clothing for her family.

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* Names changed to protect privacy.