Single mum Ava is unwavering in her resolution to
do what’s best for her children. Sadly, the challenges are
mounting and she fears for their futures.

Her daughter Nadia, age 16, and son Jayden, age 13, have ADHD and Autism.

Ava, Nadia and Jayden are among
26,670 children, families and individuals
we support
each year.

That’s 73 people every day in need of help.

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Without support

After experiencing family violence at the hands of Nadia’s and Jayden’s father, Ava now lives separately with her children. 

Thankfully safe from harm, she meets all her children’s daily needs on her own despite having a stable co-parenting arrangement with her ex-partner.

As a full-time carer, Ava manages her finances diligently and actively participates in the community to link Nadia and Jayden with any supports available.

Despite her best efforts, Ava faces daily challenges with Nadia and Jayden and struggles to communicate support needs with their school.

Without support, Nadia and Jayden struggle to learn and stay focussed.

“At the start of the new school year, Nadia was left confused and unable to understand the changes around her. It caused her to withdraw and miss classes,” says Ava. 

As a growing teenager with developmental disabilities, Jayden exhibits reactive behaviour. Ava struggles to cope as it triggers her own traumatic experiences with family violence.

To make matters worse, Ava grapples with grief and hardship stemming from the devastating loss of Ava’s sister to suicide, mental health challenges in the family and an ailing mother who needs care.

Filled with concern and worry for Nadia and Jayden, Ava turned to us for support.

Without support their lives are a constant struggle at school and home.

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With our support 

“Certain things in my life make so much more sense now.” - Ava

As a first step we addressed one of Ava’s immediate concerns and linked her with a Disability Liaison Officer to help Ava effectively communicate support needs with the school.

With our support Ava gained access to a medical professional to secure a diagnosis for Nadia. It also allowed Ava to have her own Autism diagnosis confirmed.

This proved to be a turning point for Ava and her children.

With Jayden’s diagnosis already in place, we assisted Ava to navigate the NDIS and prepare paperwork to gain NDIS plans for both Nadia and Jayden.

Ava is now able to access vital supports for Jayden to help him manage his daily life. Ava can also explore suitable Work Ready programs for Nadia so she can gain skills to live independently.

“I would not have been able to effectively navigate everything alone. My own diagnosis helped me understand how I communicate which has improved my relationship with my children,” says Ava.

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Your support

Ava, Nadia and Jayden can now hope for a brighter and better future.

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