Windermere have never asked for emergency support, but like everyone else we have never been in a situation like this. We urgently need your help.


Staying home is not safe for those experiencing family violence

For many of the women and children we work with staying at home is definitely not the safest place to be right now.

They are isolated and trapped with their abusers.

This pandemic lockdown is creating a dangerous pressure cooker for women and children who are in family violence situations, like Adele’s.

We know that financial pressure and tensions cause a spike in family violence and now these vulnerable families have no safe refuge at a time of unprecedented stress in our community.

Staying home is not an option for those on the brink of homelessness

There are many people who more than any other time before, are on the brink of homelessness. Now they cannot even couch surf and are being turned away from those friends who may have once been able to help them.


Your support is vital so we can continue to help families who need us right now.

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Isolation is extremely difficult when you rely on others every day

Many of the people we support, some who have disability or complex needs, are also grappling with mental health issues exacerbated by the current pandemic situation.

The Covid-19 emergency has made them more isolated and less able to access the vital services we can provide.

We need to continue to help those who need us more than ever so they remain connected to us as a necessary means of support for them during this long period of isolation and uncertainty.

Your help can support the most vulnerable through this pandemic

Right now many of us are staying at home, but for the young children and families we work with every day, who were doing it tough long before COVID-19 the impact is severe and closing our doors is simply not an option. 


Help us stay open to support vulnerable people in the community.

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